Client: Arrow international
Location: Rototuna, Hamilton
Completed: 2017
Architect: Jasmax


Understanding the environment where window gearing is required is paramount in the decision-making process for operable windows. This can range from the physical location of the building, climate and the uses of the area.

Rototuna High School achieves natural ventilation by integrating the chain drives units to the building management system (BMS). The clerestory windows in both the Junior & Senior blocks admit light from all directions throughout the day, influencing the internal temperature of the building. The BMS monitors the internal environment of the school buildings, using temperature & rain sensors and timers to ensure optimum airflow and security outside of school hours.

By using robust TOPP ACK4 electric chain drives we were able to provide the school with a durable solution to open & close these high windows which could withstand the wear and tear of a school environment. The use of 230-volt motors eliminates the need for special cabling & transformers, making it a safe & economical solution.


  • Removal of existing gearing that did not integrate with the requirements of the Building Management System (BMS).
  • Providing an effective operable window gearing solution that met both the design requirements and mechanical specifications of the site.
  • Coordinating with work performed by other trades to ensure timely installation and conformity with plans and specifications.
  • Provide the highest quality service to reinforce our client relationships and brand reputation.  

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  • Albany Primary School
  • Kids Cove Childcare
  • Rototuna High School
  • ACG Gymnasium Tauranga
  • Hornby High School