Completed: 2015


In early childhood education facilities, the top priority is safety. Operable window gearing should be out of reach of children, to reduce any chance of injury. Whilst also having a minimal operation time so the focus can be placed on the young children.

Kids Cove is located on the first floor, in the heart of Newmarket business district. With its sprawling outdoor areas and modern, custom designed indoor settings; it provides the ideal atmosphere conducive to the learning and development of our children. The unique design and open plan space make it hard to imagine you are in the middle of busy Newmarket.

Kids Cove has numerous high-level windows along its external façade, which required an operating system that could open the most windows, in the least time. For this project, OWT recommended Electric Linear Actuator operated shaft & lever gearing. The shaft & levers operate numerous opening sashes at once. This gearing is out of reach of children, as there are no gearboxes located on the walls below the windows. The electric actuators simplify opening and reduce opening time by simply installing a switch to directly operate the windows. Our units are 230 Volt making them incredibly simple for electricians to wire, whilst reducing costs as there is no need for step down transformers or controllers, which are required in 24 Volt equivalent gearing types.


  • Install gearing which is out of reach of young children, ensure a safe solution is provided.
  • Provide an effective & economical solution for opening windows the young childcare sector.
  • Colour matching gearing to minimise the shaft & lever presence within the busy learning space.
  • Install gearing to high-level windows, which can be operated in a time efficient way to reduce time away from young children.
  • Coordinating with work performed by other trades to ensure timely installation and conformity with plans and specifications.
  • Provide the highest quality service to reinforce our client relationships and brand reputation.  

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  • Albany Primary School
  • Kids Cove Childcare
  • Rototuna High School
  • ACG Gymnasium Tauranga
  • Hornby High School