Location: Albany, Auckland
Completed: 2016


In the educational sector, the main priorities are finding the most economical solution, operating the largest number of windows with one control and minimising the opportunities for damage the gearing may incur.

Traditional manual shaft & lever gearing has been installed in school for decades, however, there is a common misconception that this traditional gearing is also our most economical. Predominantly this is not the case, as these units have strict design requirements and are labour-intensive to install.

At Albany Primary School, we installed shaft & lever gearing, which was operated by Electric Linear actuators mounted at window height. The installation of such gearing meant that there was no need for there to be walls below the windows. And by having operation controlled by an Electric actuator, it reduced the overall wear and tear on the gearing; the gearing was out of the collision zone, where students could walk past and knock themselves on the wall mounted handles which manual S&L possesses. Meanwhile, multiple bays of windows could be opened at the touch of a button, reducing the time taken out of lessons. The control was in the teachers’ hands, so to speak, as switches were installed to power both walls of windows within classrooms.

Two rows of windows can be seen in some pictures, demonstrating how these linear actuators can be connected to operate an even larger number of windows, with less opening time.


  • Install gearing which can withstand the harsh coastal environments of New Zealand.
  • Provide a discrete solution for opening windows in residential property.
  • Colour matching gearing to minimise the chain drives presence within the softly coloured living space.
  • Install gearing to isolated high-level windows, whilst providing an economical solution for the client.  
  • Coordinating with work performed by other trades to ensure timely installation and conformity with plans and specifications.
  • Scheduling installation to coincide with optimum weather conditions to make installation simple & tidy for both the client and our installers.
  • Provide the highest quality service to reinforce our client relationships and brand reputation.  

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  • Albany Primary School
  • Kids Cove Childcare
  • Rototuna High School
  • ACG Gymnasium Tauranga
  • Hornby High School