About this Gearing

We have three Louvre opening gearing options

  1. Manually operated shaft & lever
  2. Electric linear actuator operated shaft & lever operating multiple banks of louvres.
  3. An electric linear actuator which can open two banks of Louvre, back to back.

Electric linear actuator motors can be wired in parallel. They are 230 volts and can be wired directly from the air conditioning system.

This is the most robust & reliable window control option, having been tried and proven over decades of use, particularly in schools.

We offer both Manual and Electric options, both of which are economical and practical for use on high-level windows & louvres.

It is a common misconception that manual gearing is the cheapest gearing option. More often when single windows are involved, Electric shaft and lever or Chain drives are a cheaper alternative.

We are more than happy to quote a job for you in multiple gearing types to assist you in achieving your desired result at the best price.



Ulysses is an electric linear actuator in which a rod extends directly out of the unit, pushing/pulling the louvre handle.

  • These units can be connected individually to a single bank of louvre windows or can operate two banks at the same time.
  • A13 handles must be installed back to back (i.e. one left, one right, meeting in the middle) for the latter option to work.



Aprimatic linear actuators are ideal for operating multiple louvre banks.

  • Utilising a horizontal shaft & lever system connecting banks of louvres
  • Max of up to 24 blades.

Operates TWO banks of Louvre

Handles must be back to back

Operates numerous windows

MAX 24 blades