Our Services

  • Design & Build Package

    Operable Window Technologies supply and install high-level operable window gearing. We can sit with architects as early as the design stage to assist in creating an internal environment the best suits your needs & control requests.

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  • Chain Drives

    OWT has extensive experience installing chain drives in schools, libraries, churches, hotels, commercial buildings and residences. With all electric systems, we also offer rain, smoke & temperature sensors and remote controls. Or we can offer fully integrated systems.

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  • Integrated Automation Systems

    OWT offers window gearing that is fully compatible with Automated building systems & SMART Homes. We provide gearing that complies with Building Management Systems (BMS), Home Automation systems and Smoke/Natural Ventilation systems.

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  • Consulting

    We are able to meet with Clients, Architects and Project Managers to provide our knowledge, skills and techniques to activities in order to meet the requirements of a project.

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  • Electric Shaft & Lever & Louvres

    OWT provides Electric alternatives to the traditional manual shaft & lever gearing, which are economical and practical for use on high-level windows & louvres.

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  • Manual Shaft & Lever

    Our team supply and install Manual shaft & lever gearing to provide traditional & practical gearing solutions to spaces. This gearing type is most commonly used in schools but is becoming prominent in areas that are aiming to achieve a rustic aesthetic.

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