Design & Build Packages

What we offer

OWT can assist architects and contractors from the Concept to Completion stage, with our Design & Build Package.

Our team can meet with the clients to discuss their wants for their project and offer a range of window hardware solutions. From the basic manual shaft & lever commonly used in schools, all the way to fully integrated systems, where actuators, controllers and sensors are implemented to provide automated ventilation in spaces and can connect to Building Management Systems (BMS).

Our team provides all Health & Safety documents, pre-installation design requirements, electrical information, technical data sheets & post-installation maintenance.

What we can provide

  • Expertise and technical input at the concept and design stage
  • A vast range of gearing options to meet any clients needs.
  • Storage of hardware at the factory until install, to avoid damages.
  • Full install, programming and electrical wiring (optional).
  • BMS/Automation integration programming.
  • Post-installation testing and sign off.
  • 6 monthly maintenance of gear for 2 years following.

*We are able to arrange electrical wiring of our powered units, as an optional extra

Expertise & Technical input at Design stage

Full supply & installation of hardware

BMS/Automated window programming

Post-installation testing & sign off


Specialists in our team can meet directly with Clients, Architects, Joinery/Construction companies at the design stage of the build, to determine which type of gearing meets the wants/needs of the clients. We work alongside consultants, facade builders and architects to ensure projects are compliant, on time and on budget.

We can provide multiple gearing options, from the basic manual operation, to fully integrated control of windows in conjunction with HVAC systems, or operation by IOS/Android systems. We are certified KNX partners, able to supply and install the KNX open protocol to provide full control of all aspects of a building.

We can provide control options from a simple switch to operational control from laptops, mobile devices or even voice control.

Hardware is ordered and stored in our factory until the time of installation, to reduce the risk of any damages occurring to your gearing, if it were to sit around on a construction site.

Our installers have the tools and expertise to install these units, along with knowledge of the product to pass on to any subcontractors who require it.

If desired by the client, we can provide a quotation for the wiring of electric units by a certified Electrician.

Our specialised technician can program our units to comply with the requirements of a BMS.

We are also able to provide full programming of KNX operated devices and connections, in a build that does not have an existing BMS. I.e. Home automation.

Our installers

  • Test run the units to ensure performance after installation
  • Adjust stroke length as required
  • Ensure there are no operational issues prior to building completion on site

Documents Provided

• Health & Safety documents

• Pre-installation design requirements

• Electrical information

• Technical data sheets

• Post-installation maintenance