Completed: 2016


With the rise of industrial interior design, Momento on Maui played on its pre-existing rustic interior of exposed brick, by combining 50’s music memorabilia to align with the trend. To follow suit with this exterior-brought-interior style, traditional manual and shaft &lever gearing was utilising to add additional character to this space.

Multiple high-level windows let light flow in between the brick columns. These numerous windows called for the need to be operated all at once, therefore shaft & lever gearing was the obvious choice.

Canvas images of Elvis Presley and Audrey Hepburn hang from the exposed brick, whilst black horizontal shafts run the length of the café. This bold colour emphasises the theme of the cafe, making window gearing an additional element in the carefully engineered character of the interior design.


  • Install gearing which captures the essence of the space.
  • Provide a rustic solution for opening windows in the commercial sector.
  • Colour gearing to maximise the full effect of this traditional gearing.
  • Install gearing to numerous high-level windows, whilst providing an economical solution.  
  • Coordinating with work performed by other trades to ensure timely installation and conformity with plans and specifications.
  • Provide the highest quality service to reinforce our client relationships and brand reputation.  

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  • Momento on Maui
  • Novotel Hobson Hotel - New Plymouth